When you become a EBCAM sponsor, we will include your business name, logo, address and contact information on a sponsor page shown on our bulletin board as many as 50 times a day and reaching more than 4,000 homes in East Bridgewater every day! STRETCH your marketing dollars when you become an EBCAM sponsor! Your business name and information is shown to your key audience… the town of East Bridgewater. Throughout the day and you are recognized and affiliated with EBCAM as a supporter of public access television in your community. And because EBCAM is a non-profit organization, your sponsorship may be tax-deductible. Discount packages are available for multiple and consecutive months and annual subscriptions. Your sponsor page can be custom designed to include photos, your corporate logo, slogan, and eye-catching graphics.

Program Underwriters

Individuals, Businesses, Organizations, and Associations may also elect to underwrite the production of specific community television programs or program series at EBCAM. These grants are a great way for your organization to reach specific audiences and increase its visibility in the community; at the same time, your contributions help to increase the production quality of the underwritten program(s) and make EBCAM’s dollars go farther. Underwriting grants may take the form of cash or in-kind donations of materials or services. Program Underwriters will be acknowledged with a full-page graphic at the end of each program in the sponsored series.

Bicycled Program Sponsorship

Individuals, Businesses, Organizations, and Associations who are Members in good standing of East Bridgewater Community Television may “Sponsor” a Video Program from another Access Facility or Video Production source. This is providing the program is non-commercial in nature and does not violate any of the EBCAM rules or regulations regarding programming as well as State Federal or FCC guidelines. If you are unsure of this, consult with the EBCAM Executive Director for further guidance. “Bicycle Program Sponsorship” requires that EBCAM paperwork be filled out and signed by the Video Program’s Producer and the Local resident sponsor of the show. Unlike EBCAM Sponsorship, “Bicycled Program Sponsorship” required no fees. If anyone attempts to offer you money in exchange for a sponsorship, report it immediately to the EBCAM staff. That is illegal.